Why Use our Micro-Lubrication Metalworking Fluid?

MagLube offers alternatives to traditional means of machining lubricants for industrial lubrication systems. Petroleum or synthetic based products typically mix 10-20 parts with water to floor the work-piece and tool to prevent heat. These traditional machining lubricants, or metalworking fluid/flood coolants, have little lubricating properties. However, the concept is to cool the tool and work-piece by means of quenching or carrying the heat away after it has already occurred.

Eliminating Friction

Our metalworking fluid and lubricants are environmentally safe organic oils that are as much as 300-times higher in lubricity than conventional cutting oils. They work to prevent heat from occurring by eliminating friction within industrial lubrication systems. They are distributed directly to the cutting edge of the tool before the workpiece cut is made with our precision delivery systems. This eliminates the need for quenching due to the lubricating properties in which heat is displaced through the chip, no fumes or mist are emitted, and there is no cleanup because 99.9% of the lubricant is consumed in the cut.