About MagLube

Traditional materials of machining lubricants are petroleum or synthetic based products that typically mix 10 to 20 parts with water to flood the work-piece and tool to prevent heat. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, MagLube of Cumming, Georgia has recognized the fact that there is no off-the-shelf approach to solving the numerous and varied lubricant problems in the manufacturing process. While many still believe that the answer is with the old technique of flooding parts with coolants or oils, the fact remains that this concept has its own problems such as wet parts, maintenance, and disposal. We also recognize that with the concept of micro-lubrication, utilizing organic lubricants in place of flood oils, can have its own set of problems.

Our MQL system is designed and retro-fitted to function flawlessly and transparently on your machines while utilizing the latest technology in pneumatics, injectors, PC logic controllers, and nozzle design. Each application determines the configuration of our systems to not only enhance your process, but to also use the least amount of lubricant per cycle of each machine. Our products are designed to eliminate secondary operations such as parts-washing and cleaning.