MagLube MQL on CNC Milling Machines


Having the most effective lubrication system on a CNC milling machine is critically important to maximizing efficiency, managing costs and producing the highest quality finished products. The vast majority of manufacturers out there are still using MWFs (metalworking fluids) and flood cooling to lubricate their milling process, which is quite surprising.

Why is this surprising you may be thinking? Well, since the introduction of MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) systems and lubricants, a small percentage of manufacturing engineers and operation managers have transitioned from toxic MWFs to MQL, also known as micro-lubrication. They have seen substantial improvements in virtually every measurable metric across the board when it comes to how their CNC milling lubricant performs.

With the MagLube system and Halo Nozzle you can apply a minimal amount of high-grade lubricant directly to the cutting edge of your tool. This will reduce your fluid consumption, eliminate your disposal costs and significantly increase your tool life. Our lubricants are especially effective when used as CNC lubricants. Furthermore, this method produces dry chips, which are more valuable.

Many manufacturers are opting to "GO GREEN". All MagLube lubricants are safe, non-toxic & biodegradable. Thus, a plant's environmental impact can be dramatically reduced by utilizing MagLube products. We offer a full line of lubricants so no matter what your process entails we have a solution that will suit your needs.